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Gregory Zobel
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What I find frustrating is that only binary or opposite positions seem to be allowed--one extreme or the other. Bloody tedious. Most things are in between, thanks. Equally frustrating is how people seem unwilling to let you adjust or change your position once you learn new information. As if adapting and learning is a sign of hypocrisy instead of development and growth. Sheesh. The last think I want is a world of people too scared to change and grow because they might learn that they were wrong at one point in their life.
Some interesting information here. I wish there was an update written, especially since it's been several years. Any chance of that? Also curious if there are different types of spam-prevention methods which work better for forums than for blogs, for example. I certainly don't want to have to pay people to keep forums clean of spam, but making it difficult keeps people away. gz
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on CAPTCHA Effectiveness at Coding Horror
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Jul 25, 2010