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There was a time were crazies like this guy would have been committed. The laws on commitment need to be changed. This nightmare could have been avoided. In addition, I believe that our nations problems with homelessness would improve greatly.
Your right Ann I hope this happens. In others wordsI second that motion.
Pamela, its good that you are exposing the actions of the crazy left. Political civility needs to be a two way street.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2011 on The Face of Hate at Atlas Shrugs
Although, I think some of points have validity. I think Meagan questioning the appropriateness of the Sheriff's timing was an excellent question.
I was just talking to a friend last night about this issue. I sincerely hope that they do not go the route of saying a Government officials life is worth more than any other citizen. Obviously, anybody in the public eye faces some addition, risk so would they extend the law to protect anybody with celebrity status? And even if they did this would only serve to the further polarization of our society! We need to value all life which would include decent people who live or work in tough area's and need to be able to defend themselves. I fear that our legislators particularly those on the left like Maxine Waters will use this incident to promote themselves into a more valued or protected class thus not letting this crisis go to waste.
This was a tragic event which no one should take lightly. But there such hype and paranoia that I think we as a society need to take a deep breath. We may indeed need the sharp attacks on both sides of the isle. Like the knee jerk reaction to blame the Tea Party or Sarah Palin. We also need to clear up the loopholes in our gun laws that make it far to easy for nut jobs like this guy to get a gun. But we also need to not overreach and punish all the law abiding gun owners who simply want to protect themselves, their families and business's. Let's try to take a deep breath, get all the facts, analyze the situation and try to find ways to minimize the chances of a tragedy like this occurring again.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on If Jared Was a jihadi ......... at Atlas Shrugs
That's bizarre!
WTF is right! What is the Dutch government thinking? Don't they have enough of their own problems?
Scary stuff! I hope this will wake up the Jewish People in this country who supported Obama! I have tried talking to my relatives who are very decent people but its like talking to a wall because there ideology is ingrained. Why do we always seem to wake up to late. It's time for the Jewish people in this country as well as righteous gentiles and we are blessed to have so many righteous gentiles in the United States. Thank G-d we have some elections coming up soon and we can send a message to Washington.
Well Pamella, The White House has sent a message loud and clear that this administration is soft on Terror. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call to those on the left.
Thank G-d nobody was hurt! I hope they find the people that tried to pull this act of terror off and throw the book at them!
Good luck with the Rally!
I hope tomorrow's rally is a great success! G-d bless Ed Koch.
What a sick Society!
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2010 on "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" at Atlas Shrugs
I'm disgusted! I hope that justice will ultimately prevail.
Thanks again Pamela,The truth seems to be on little to no bearing on the acusations that many Arabs lie on them. The Truth is the conidtion of the Masc was very poor and Israel spent its own very limited resources restoring it for the Moslems. This stuff is crazy and I think Israel made a mistake of not taking it over. Besides the fact that this is the site of our Holly Temple. The Masc has been a site of much vilonce against Jews and others visiting the Kotel. Our present administration is badly mistaken on how to deal with the situation in Israel and the Radical Moslems who will not be apeased. For a man as bright might be on certain academic issues he and others with perhaps mixed intentions are no better than useful idiots when it comes to dealing with the Middle East. Thank G-d I beleive that this country is begining to wake in large part to webistes like Atlas Shrugs.
I find watching our VP walking with his arm around Abbas a sickening image.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on Embarrassing America at Atlas Shrugs
That Photo reminds me of photos of the Hitler youth. Scary stuff!
She sounds like a great kid caught up in this crazy web of political correctness. I'm glad the cards that we sent brought her some comfort. She deserves better treatment then our legal system is providing. Thank you Pamela for keeping us posted.
It interesting that she has so much empathy for the terrorist and none for their victims. There no question in my mind that she is an anti-Semite.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Nazi Barren-ness on Nazi TV at Atlas Shrugs
You can't give people an exemption from basic security. If a Muslim person refuses to go through machine. They can get a strip search from someone of their own gender or simply not fly.