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Wil gets a coolness skill check! I've been brewing for about two years now, and it's much easier with two people working on it at the same you are starting off in a good way! Things I've learned; 1. Sanitize (yes, others have said it. I like iodine for that, never bleach). 2. Watch (and control) the temperature at all stages. mashing or steeping, sparging and at fermentation time. I made my worst beers when I mashed too hot and fermented too hot. One of them tasted like cherry beer, the other like a Belgian. 3. It smells great..don't listen to those other readers! 4. Blow Off - for the first few days of active fermentation,use a tube into a container of water instead of just a small vapor lock. You can get tubes that fit into those rubber stoppers with holes in them. I've had beers go ape and spew all over the place. 5. I've never had bottle bombs as someone else said...just measure your bottling sugar carefully. 6. Double pitch yeast (not just one package or tube). Better yet, make a starter. That way you can buy a cool flask! This will help YOUR yeast win the battle and also help with attenuation (how much sugar is eaten by the yeast) 7. Don't put f-ing corn in your beer! 8. Light/hoppy beers will change in the bottle over time much quicker then you drink it fast. 9. Find 'Pliny the Elder' and try one out. 10. You might like wheat beers if you make them yourself and make an American Wheat instead and not a German Hefeweizen with all that strange banana and clove flavor. Its all in the yeast; Cal Ale WLP-001 instead of WLP-300) and a few oz of extra Cascade hops..I was the same its one of my favorite things to drink..but never can find it at the store. Have fun and save the planet by making Organic beer!
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Jul 10, 2011