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Quelyn Gretsky
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I honestly never really understood the "getting an autograph" thing. There are definitely certain celebrities that I find interesting enough to want to share coffee and conversation with, but I still don't get the appeal of an autograph. I also could never bring myself to bug someone on the street. I don't know how people get the balls to think they "deserve" something like that. I have been recognized a few times for various interweb things I've done, and it resulted in a "Hello, you're so and so right?" a thumbs up and a moving along to follow. I'm not sure I could handle anything more than that. Heck, I get commentary on my life choices for having pink hair. I've had people stop me in the street to ask me "Why did you do that?" or other stupid questions. I'm really horrified this happened to you. I feel bad that celebs need to wear masks just to enjoy Comic Con. Anyone who gets "mad enough" about this post to not be your fan is probably just the type of person that would do this in the first place. Also, I am really happy for you that you said you need to get an agent now :) It's great to see you're getting some more work. It's got to be exciting!!
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I definitely felt like Comic Con was WAY more crowded this year. I hardly was able to enjoy the panel floor at all. Preview night was ok though. I didn't bother standing in line for any of the big TV Panels even though I really wanted to check some out. I tried to give more love to the smaller panels that had to do with actual comic books or comic book artists. That made things a little more enjoyable for me this year, actually. I hope they clear out the panel halls one year, they're just being bums. We weren't even sure if you were at Comic Con this year, I didn't bother reading any of the panel descriptions in Hall H or Ballroom 20 because it's just disappointing when it doesn't happen!
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Jul 25, 2011