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Looking at FHWA information link as well as other below, having sent President Obama, Ray LaHood, Congress, Senate, Trans. Chair Mica, every Gov of every state hunbdreds of messages, no transportation bill in two years, current state of the union, financially, economically, national security, infrastructure $2.2 trillion in disrepair, recent debt ceiling debate, Standards and Poor rating dropped to AA+, stock market failing, I find it odd President Obama doesn't use the following information which would reduce emissions, miles, fuel use, oil dependency, traffic congestion, accidents, injury, death, health care costs, and creat jobs? Look at the numbers and ask why I have been sending these facts to President Obama who asks for information yet while suggesting high speed rail and smart grid using 21st century IT we don't use the same 21st century IT to bring an outdated 1980s model of trucking which currently wastes billions into the 21st century? http://www.fasterbettersaf ​ http://www.infrastructurer ​​oads Economic and nation security? A matter of economic and national security? http://www.infrastructurer ​ ​-innovation-our-nations-de​fense-29-jul-2010 Look at the numbers in freight transportation from the FHWA, In 2002 the US had 29 million deadhead freight miles, 20% of total 145,173 million freight miles were empty trucks. ​v/freight/freight_analysis​/nat_freight_stats/docs/07​factsfigures/table3_5.htm Compare: ​v/freight/freight_analysis​/nat_freight_stats/docs/07​factsfigures/fig3_4.htm To: ​v/freight/freight_analysis​/nat_freight_stats/docs/07​factsfigures/fig3_5.htm ​_and_agriculture/ videos National Freight Policy, US Dept of Commerce with Joe Holecko We spend $200 billion a year due to traffic congestion, will spend 14% of GDP in 2050. Freight traffic will increase as can be seen on the FHWA site, infrastructure $2.2 trillion in disrepair, bridges falling into rivers I find it unbelievable President Obama continues to ignore my warnings, suggestions in how to reduce deadhead miles in trucking costing US billions of dollar a year while independent truck drivers, alonhg with so many other business, and individuals go bankrupt as can be seen while the DOT promotes Mexcian trucks in the US as well. It isn't easy being the greatest country in the world, ask any US soldier or family. Giving tax cuts to the rich , US companies make billions promoting slave labor in China, US companies with tax havens in the Cayman Islands will not help bring infrastructure where it needs to be, create jobs while we the people pay unemployement, and pay to police the world OOIDA: 3065 motor carriers with at least five trucks went bankrupt in 2008, oil, & fuel costs were a large factor. MCClatchy News, 5-23-10: Food fight pits big, small producers, between 2002 & 2007 40,000 midsized farms disappeared. : 1,473,675 US bankruptcy filings in 2009, up from 1,117,771 in 2008, 60,837 were business filings, up from 43,546 in 2008, percentage another double digit increase. As a former truck drver, 1,000,000 miles, ten years driving experience, haszmat, doubles triples, tanker experience, and over three years as a freight broker with C R England, I started as a business listing/transportation load board. B4DC Oil prices pushed through the market to $149 a barrel, busted the housing bubble, led to the financial crisis, now Obama who used the same stock market which dropped apporcimately 1000 pts in the last two days trading had to beg speculators to NOT drive up oil prices after using the same stock market to gauge US economy in his reent state of the union? In backing up my experience I also offer the following experience: Owner operator of auto repair business operated out of residence, Sept 1998 to May 2001. Southeast Community College Associates Degree in Auto Technology & worked in the auto field for approximately 12 years. ASE certified in Engine Repair, Manual Transmission & Rear Axle, Front End, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Heating & Air Conditioning, & Engine Performance. Completed several training school certifications while employed/trained GM, VW, Audi/Porsche. Porsche Audi Certified: CSI Fuel Injection June 1983 Porsche Audi Certified: Diesel Fuel Injection June 1983 Porsche Audi Certified: Air Conditioner Repair June 1984 GM/AC/Delco: GM Computer Command Control Electronic Engine and Emission Control Systems 1985 GM Certified: Specialized Electronics training 1986 Private Pilot License in 6-92, & own a single engine 1968 Aero Commander. Nebraska Dept. of Forestry University of Nebraska UNL, East Campus Lincoln, NE 68516 402-472-2944 Employed July 1997 through Sept. 1998, mechanic/truck driver. Greyghost Freight Brokerage England Logistics Salt Lake City - Headquarters Warehousing 1325 South 4700 West 601 S.W. 7th Street Salt Lake City, UT, 84104 Arranging the transportation of goods for shippers as a freight broker in truckload, LTL, intermodal, & international ship lines. Greyghost Transport Owner Operator Have a current Idaho Class A CDL with tank & doubles/triples endorsements. Forklift safety training, repaired, changed engines, transfer cases, & rebuilt brakes systems, air over hydraulic. Lenco INC-PMC 102240 Deerpark Rd Waverly, NE 68462 402-786-2000 Employed July 1995 to Sept 1996 laid off Night shift supervisor/maintenance tech., supervised employees in the production of 3 & 1/2 inch floppy disk, maintained automated equipment used in the production of floppy disk, & cassette tapes. Cushman Motors 900 N 21 St. Lincoln, NE 68503 402-475-9581 Employed 1988, laid off, July 1995. Manufacturer of turf equipment affiliated with Outboard Marine, Ransomes of England, & currently Textron Inc. Welding, assembly of several different models of electric as well as gas, diesel powered equipment, operating the dyno in final inspection, training employees in assembly. Lindsay Manufacturing Co. Hwy 91 Lindsay, NE 68644 402-428-2131 Lindsay Manufacturing is a world leading producers of center pivot irrigation systems. Compare my experience to Sec of Transportation Ray LaHood: ​an/bios.htm Ray H. LaHood (January 23,2009- ) Appointed by Barack H. Obama b. December 6, 1945 Ray LaHood graduated from Peoria's Bradley University in 1971, with degrees in sociology and education, and taught junior high school social studies for six years. President Obama refuses to listen to taxpayers he claims to want to hear from yet has people like Ray LaHood as an overpaid cheerleader for high speed rail, buses, and bike paths? Continue reading
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Mar 16, 2011