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Just as an aside, why the snidey comment about clueless programmers? When I read the first paragraph about hellbanning I thought what a cool idea. And if someone independently reinvents it then good for them. We are not all so completely immersed in social software. But thinking about all these forms of censorship some more I just don't like it. It all seems to stem from the basic assumption that "we", the community are all calm, rational people and that "they" are just troublemakers and trollers. As someone above mentioned though what if "we" are the scientologists? Or what if "we" are some protest group with an inclination to extremism and "they" are the small minority saying hang on, let's just calm down a bit. There is such a danger of a community becoming ever more self-defining and rejecting minority views. What's good for the online world should apply to the real world too. What about freedom of speech? Should the majority of the population be able to silence a minority because they don't agree with their views? Perhaps protest marches should be banned if they risk upsetting the majority? Dunno, there's something smug and elitist about it. What I'd most like is for everyone to be able to rate a comment either positive or negative (or maybe even with a tag). Then display both the positive and negative counts and let the user sort on either. Because a high negative count may be interesting - what did that person say to create so much feeling?
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
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Jun 6, 2011