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FWIW, I think Blackberry does finally get it. RIM had built their browser from scratch in the days when mobile browsers had more constraints and needed to support WAP and XHTML Mobile Profile. Earlier this year, RIM finally realized that they needed to give up on developing their own browser and leverage the open source browser Webkit which Apple, Google, Palm and Nokia all use. RIM bought Torch Mobile which had developed a well-received, webkit-based browser for Windows Mobile and put that team to work helping with the next version of the Blackberry Browser. BTW, assuming that Nokia continues to use Webkit (there are some rumors they may switch to Firefox), when RIM launches the new browser, Webkit will ship on over 85% of smartphones. If there is one dominant platform for mobile, it's actually Webkit. :-)
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2010 on The Google Phone at A VC
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Jan 5, 2010