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Grit Springer
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I must also agree with Nulaure...can't beat the Alien movie. But I guess now I will have to watch The Thing to see how the movie turned out. In general I don't go with what other people think of a movie, even though I always keep asking "hey, how was that movie?" because often enough, I end up liking movies, the majority loves to hate and the other way around. But I guess that's the good thing about being mature enough to respect other people's opinions without forcing their own upon them.
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awesome. I read this from the POV of a 12year old boy until the parents started using gender-specific terms xD and I realized, wait, that's from a girl's perspective. and it's funny because even now as a legally-grown-up person, I still can't stand closets. I never sleep with the closet door being open. Or my bedroom door open for that matter. And monsters under my bed have been replaced by such things as that creepy chick from The Grudge or The Ring and then I'm mostly scared of going to or getting out of bed and have her grab my ankles....yes I check under my bed for creepy chicks....and my closet for monsters with glowy eyes. Steven King's Boogey Man anyone? Now I need some more coffee and am really, REALLY glad that it's bright daylight outside and that I'll hopefully have forgotten about this little story until I go to bed. Otherwise, it's gonna be a sleepless Night. Thanks, Wil Wheaton!
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Oct 17, 2011