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Bill, We run both ABFs and Home ABFs at our church. There really shouldn't be any battle. Both are helpful and useful to people. Home groups do better at intimacy and discipleship. They also excel at being a vehicle to share issues and allow the group to serve and encourage. Sunday School is great at pulling in folks who might get a little intimated in a small setting. Since they run on Sunday some folks find it the only time they can connect with other adults. You can lose a bit in a building over a house terms of intimacy, but you can gain much with the large group. SS don't die quickly...that's good and bad. They are easier to supervise. They can tackle large serving projects or care needs that would inundate a sm grp. I lead an ABF, but serve as the Home ABF Pastor at my church. I think both are important and necessary to give as many as possible an experience of community.
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Mar 13, 2010