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I really enjoyed this post. Hard to write this and not sound like a generic spam comment, but it had an impact, so I thought you should know. (still sounds like a spam comment).
Ya can't take too seriously a guy using the word "retarded" and calling Deaf people politically incorrect....
I am with you on the kid thing. My own told me how many of his friends less tha lb the required 13 years old where on with their parents knowledge. 1. that means the parent endorsed fraud/forgery/lying 2. I avoid posting photos and names of my kiddos due to the easy availability for creeps. if they had their own account? 3. give me a really good reason why a kid needs facebook account. When I am confident "boy" clearly understands the lack of privacy and security measures on fb, and the way info can be harvested and stored indefinitely, then....?
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2011 on A teacher on facebook? GASP. at Allison Unfiltered
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Mar 16, 2011