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Philadelphia, Penna., USA
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The good news is it should only take the FO another 3 seasons or so to figure out what the rest of us already know. Namely, that Sean O'Sullivan has no business playing baseball for a living.
Washington has taken to playing elevator music during visiting BP, which also began late & ended early. Sandberg is not amused. What a bullshit franchise. I'd love for the Phillies to respond during Natitude's next trip to CBP by showing highlights of the 2012 NLDS on Phanavision during visiting BP, accompanied by audio of choking/gagging sounds on the PA.
That losing streak was brutal. I'm glad it's over.
Francoeur is really pissing me off.
L.A. is not known for being shy about his opinion, & I get the distinct impression he'd be having words with Sandberg over the decision to pull Gonzalez here.
That play was Revere-esque, only Herrera both caught the ball & threw to the correct base.
Did anyone else know exactly how the inning was going to end when Chooch was allowed to bat w/ the bases loaded & 1 Out in the 8th?
Revere must have gotten where he is entirely on the basis of athletic ability, because he's dumb as a hammer.
I hate replay. Annoying beyond words.
I can't believe we let this guy go to acquire Jayson figgin' Nix.
Dom is here. They made him drive Franco to CBP. I can see it now ... Dom enters the stadium complex, throws the car into reverse, then back into drive, then he circles CBP a few times & finally crashes into the Holiday Inn.
The Phillies had difficulty splitting a series with Pittsburgh even in the good years. I'll gladly take a 2-2 now.
The Phillies just can't do anything both correctly, & easily. Watching this team is work.
Howard hit a HR, & made a successful throw to 2B. It's a helluva day, folks.
Clarification: the Phillies have 4 H w/ RISP today, & only one of those H have plated a R.
Per radio, the Phillies have 3 H w/ RISP today, & 0 R have scored as a result.
I just looked it up. The year was 2002. The idiot was Travis Lee.
Anyone else remember the season (I believe early in the 2000s) that ended when a Phillies player caught a fly ball in foul territory, allowing the winning run to trot home from 3B? It didn't mean anything in the grand scheme of the year, but man I was pissed.
That was a very Phillies, & very Papelbon, way to end the game.
Corey Kluber tonight ... sweet jeebus.
1. Revere CF 2. Galvis SS 3. Utley 2B 4. Ruf LF 5. Howard 1B 6. Francoeur RF 7. Hernandez 3B 8. Ruiz C 9. Hamels P
#DOMWATCH Thanks, but I'd rather not.
If (when) the Phillies lose 100 games this season, it will be the first time that has happened since 1961. Pretty impressive for Amaro to destroy a team so thoroughly that it might go from a team record in wins in 2011 to 100+ losses in 2015.
The Phillies currently have a .324 winning percentage (52-53 wins over a 162 game season). Closest match in the modern era were the 1940 Phillies, who finished the season with a winning percentage of .327 (50-103).
The problem with the bullpen is that it's full of guys with "stuff", but none of that "stuff" happens to be an ability to throw a damn strike.