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Derek Gunnlaugson
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Having just checked Youtube after reading an above comment from someone saying at their end they still have the "thumbs up" like... Google does occasionally alter their USA-version site before they do so for other countries. Here in Canada I've still got the not-pushing-G+ version. Google are pulling similar antics in their transition of Picasaweb to G+ Photos. They've made it nearly impossible to properly share [i.e. including a usable thumbnail for a photo, or a cover for an album] via any route other than G+ as it currently stands. I haven't seen them be in-your-face on G+ Photos about joining yet but they've already managed to design things in a way that prevents data sharing by/from other sites like Facebook. Which.. really seems odd, considering they're usually the ones publicly championing open standards. Maybe it's different now that /they're/ the ones serving the actual content that's being trawled, crawled, and mauled by the net at large..
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May 2, 2012