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Well, I am interested in the details of his drug use, unsavory as it is, and I hope Laurie goes into it more in her book. I just don't understand the amount of coke that she claims he was using. Booting up eight grams a day would seem to require at least sixteen injections a day. And the level of toxicity would build up with each additional shot. It is hard for to understand how a sick 50 year old man would be able to tolerate that for more than a few days, or would even want to do that. Or how he would be able to maintain his poise and sensitivity instead of turning into a raving psychotic. Most coke and speed users I know seem to want to crash after a few days, take some heavy tranquilizers, sleep and eat, before getting back on their run. I'm also wondering if he ever gave any consideration to returning to heroin. Opiates as long as the dose and delivery is pure are much, much easier on the system. I recall someone -- I think Rollins or maybe Max Roach -- saying that what really killed Charlie Parker was not the heroin, but the alcohol, and if he had laid on the junk more in place of the alcohol, he would have lasted longer.
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