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Shy Gurl641985
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whats funny to me is that ppl say ooo your satellite goes out whenever it rains...but i have soooo many cus tell me...there is a cable truck in my subdivision every day because at least one person is having problems with their cable everyday...ive had my service for a year and a half now and satellite has been out once for haf our because of rain...internet and whats the better choice....centurylink/embarq/centurytel....thats my choice
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on I hate Comcast... at Jennifer Rice
not even gonna down cable even tho i've had it before and know it well is bad...but i work for a certain phone net and satellite bundling company and maybe you pay a few dollars more per receiver...but i know first hand the company i work for is better because 1 ive had cable in the past and 2 have had sattelite before i worked for this's worth the extra money if 1 you have an hd tv and two like dvr may not be for you if you are a basic cable kinda person...but if you want service that is almost te same price and about the same you will pay for cable then email me and i can see if it's available in your area...
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on I hate Comcast... at Jennifer Rice
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Jul 21, 2010