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Gus Martinez
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Former Capt. Paul Crespo he claims Major an earlier out marine(before 20 yrs) as a section 8.Should not be trusted as dog catcher. Better double his ration of Prozac at the VA and desist from politics. Find out what a discharge section 8 (a resignation for officer rank)is all about use Google.
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“Get shortly”, timely messages from Julio Robaina A SHORT PERSON.Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @julio-roba-ina HIS LAST NAME ...TELLS THE STORY: LOOSE SPANISH TRANSLATION “HE WHO STEALS AND NOTHING HAPPENS.” SOUTH MIAMI WHAT A PLACE!. HOW THE HERALD CAN ENDORSED THIS MAGGOT FROM SUCH A CROOKED CITY. WELL: MOM HERALD ALSO DID ENDORSE CARLOS “THE KING” ALVAREZ FOR COUNTY MAYOR...
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The comparison of these 2 candidates couldn’t be easier. The American dream: Diaz de La Portilla: Law School graduate Successful attorney married for 23 years 3 children a real reformer Robaina: Career politician Never been married College drop-out (2 years) No children Ranked among the least effective legislators in Tallahassee A gay activist Robaina’s South Miami legacy as Mayor, is troublesome financial, morally or otherwise- Now his city South Miami is under Federal SEC investigation His allegiance with the Diaz-Balart clan, Mayor Carlos (Emperor) Alvarez and Senator Villalobos all political allies What a sorry bunch. A vote for Robaina is a vote for all of them. The choice is clear! We don’t need career politicians with any real roots representing us.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Jeb backs a DLP for Florida Senate at Naked Politics
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Aug 14, 2010