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I don't think teachers are the problem, though I'm not sure I'd call them heroes. Schools are the problem, and throwing more money at schools is not the solution. I'm not sure what the solution is for the country as a whole. People don't get 40 years seniority at a company anymore and retire on a pension. It just doesn't happen. Manufacturing jobs have gone overseas, and much engineering has gone overseas too. What's left? Coming up with your own idea and making your own job and service jobs are about what's left. (One of my game night friends is a doctor. She agrees that doctoring is a customer service job.) Schools were first create to lessen ties between parents and children and increase patriotism. (Think Prussia.) Public schools were brought over here and mandated because Ford and Carnegie needed good factory workers. Well, Ford and Carnegie aren't providing those factory jobs anymore. Managing your own company and customer service jobs require creative thinking skills. Schools don't teach kids how to think. Schools teach kids what to think. The public school system is an outdated concept. It does not prepare children for the future. It prepares them for the future our parent's had. Even so, I happily pay my property taxes to keep those kids off the streets. I'll support government funded babysitting since our social structure still needs it. I don't know what the solution is for the country, especially with people as materialistic as they are. The solution for my family was obvious and I instituted it as soon as I found out I was pregnant with the first kid. We homeschool. As a result, my kids love to learn. They seek out documentaries. They willingly go to lectures at the local universities with us, and they usually get almost as much out of those strange astronomy and evolutionary biology lectures as we do. They happily take coursea classes with me. They help me raise my Guide Dog puppies and they volunteer at shelters with me. They don't complain about it. We can do those things, because we have time. As an assignment, I had my daughter pick one book from one young adult author going to Phoenix ComiCon this year. She chose Wings. She'd read the sequel and ordered the third from the library. At the panel, which was mostly adults, she interacted. We bought her the fourth book (and books from other authors in the panels) and she got the author to sign it. She was thrilled with this. So, when our local library offered a teen writing workshop with Carrie Vaughn, our kid wanted to go. When we ran into Carrie at Denver ComiCon today, she said she could tell Anna wanted to be there. As soon as the kids and I agree on a topic, we'll be starting a company together. We still haven't agreed on a product or service, but that's part of the process. They're going to learn a whole lot more from actually doing this than they would preparing for an assembly job (that doesn't exist) in school. I'm looking forward this this year's August/September literature lessons. We're going to ChiCon 7. We can do that, because we don't have to worry about school.
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May 30, 2012