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Lidstrom and Datsyuk cancel each other out. The Red Wings have so many good players, there is no MVP players on that team because of it. I would put Kovi ahead of Igninla as well, but I will admit that is due to having a hometown bias.
Halak is better than Price right now. Maybe not 3-4 years from now, but right now he is. I just wish the Habs will give him a chance to proof it. They beat 2 bad teams, and lost to 2 good teams. They still have major issues scoring 5 on 5, and when the playoffs hit, and the power play chances go way down, then we will really have to fight for each win.
Can't wait to see your Price loving comments after that game. Maybe you should title it, "No Way José", since there is NO WAY the Habs should have traded Huet if they wanted to make a deep run into the stanley cup. I still think they will go far (all the way even??), but they will have to really rely on their offense to score more than 5 goals a game, except for the odd game with Price is on his game.
That is classic, "it's not because someone has no scoring ability that they are "defensive players"". Lapierre is a scrapper, and I like that kid. I like Bégin too, but he gets injured just way too much. Kostopoulos plays his role really well, both on and off the ice. But the other three need to go, unless Dandenault is willing to accept a price cut
Hello, You are correct in your statements that cleanliness should not be limited to one's mere corporeal form, but should also be extended to everything within one's direct control, i.e living quarters, personal work space, and vehicule. We will be expanding on that topic as part of our ON PAR system, and most specifically, the APPEARANCE section. Some highlights would include the sense of order that is emitted from one's person when they operate from an ordered/structured environment, and the inherent ripple effect that will show itself into one's quality of work. That being said, the soul is out of scope of this blog, since being a Joey Political person also means staying away from topics that can be inflamatory to the people around him. regards