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Mubarak and Bouteflika are from the old school, vigils of "panarabism " and the Arab world, even though neither of them is an Arab. a pharaoh and a Berber. The pharaoh is old and the Berber is very ill, they will drop dead very soon. Be dead and leave Egyptians and Algerians orphans? no way. they need to work this out before they are gone. who would be the best fit to guide these lost souls? of course their own blood. The Pharaoh has two sons and the Berber has a brother (saeed).The plan is to get the pharaohs and the berbers demanding them. So far so good, the plan is working very well and the legacy of dictators triumphs. Egyptians, Imazighen( Berbers), be aware, it is a conspiracy of two old cronies.
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Nov 25, 2009