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Reposting the following related conversation from yesterday with @aschweig on Twitter --Dennis @aschweig dear @haarsager, please let HD Radio go. #pubmedia managers look to you for leadership, please don't encourage them. @haarsager @aschweig HDR is far from a success but don't understand impatience and animosity it raises. Pls eval after you read next white paper :-) @aschweig - @haarsager the animosity comes from the fact that #pubmedia has sunk so much $$$ into it while ignoring other, far more necessary priorities @haarsager - @aschweig We've been waaay under-investing in mobile/online, yes, but most $ for HDR really brought along capital to replace aging plant [next] so by far most of the millions spent on HDR would have been spent anyway to keep FM on the air [next] it wouldn't be hard to make list of things we waste $ on in far greater amounts than marginal HDR costs @aschweig - @haarsager i don't completely disagree with you, but #pubmedia managers remain stuck on HD Radio, while STILL not investing elsewhere [next] and that's really not encouraging. especially considering all the free promotion we've essentially given one corporation [next] at the expense of promoting and adequately funding other digital efforts [next] all that said, absolutely looking forward to hearing what you have to say about IP
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Jul 7, 2010