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GREAT.....Wil is going to miss GenCon because he wants to stay home and play with the puppy. :)
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Don't forget that the Enhanced version will be on sale at GenCon.
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Why? because even among gamers there are MEAN DICKS. I'm not sure why they feel that way, bit don't let them get you down. I'd rather buy you a beer than give you an infected die. Roll well,
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Wil, Don't forget to use hand sanitizer after every game you demo! That's half the battle. FYI be careful with the dice you get.I've been seeing some posts where some DICKS are saying they are going to lick them before giving them to you or even worse....
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I'm so glad you ran this one now, I thought you said you were airing it during GenCon, and I was going to miss it because I will be playing FIASCO at GenCon. It's great to see some less common games on the show.
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Jul 16, 2012