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The problem here is that Jeff and a number of others don't understand certain dynamics and how significant parts of the web really work. While language choice may have some meaning for mega web stuff (ala Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, etc), there happen to be a fair number of people out there not doing things at that scale, and don't really give a shit about languages at all. They want something done, and they typically want it done as inexpensively as is reasonable. Those are the real driving factors for some significant chunks of the web, chunks that PHP owns. For all the PHP bashers, here is my employer's typical scenario: large, well known local non-profit wants a "state of the art" site (of course by their definition, meaning it has to look "cool"), with an easy to use and flexible CMS, a blog, an event calendar, and they want to manage a large number of forms themselves. Some forms require payment processing. They don't care a twit about languages. This is very easy to do with WordPress + GravityForms ($99 developers license). No backend programming required, at all. Only frontend templating stuff. On our end, its a no brainer. There is nothing else out there, except maybe some other PHP stuff that could do this for anywhere near the same budget. I could write all this from scratch, or probably get some pieces of it with other frameworks, but then we move from low to mid 5 figures to well in to six figures. Why should we do that? Because PHP sucks? Get a life. At the end of the day neither the client, nor the owner of our web shop, nor our staff gives a rat's ass about the language itself. Its totally irrelevant to our business, and many, many other businesses out there generating web content. We want what our clients want: the "best" (as determinded by the client) finished product we can get with the least expense. Thats it. If somebody can come up with a Python|Perl|Ruby|WhatHaveYou ecosystem that is as extensible as those core PHP apps like WordPress (20,000+ plugins), Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc, and you can produce a *better* end product, maybe you can start moving some of us in the trenches doing low end grunt work to your point of view. Else, you are just talking pie in the sky, wasting bandwidth and bolstering your own egos.
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Jul 1, 2012