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Important note for those planning to go the integrated graphics route: the P67 motherboards do NOT have the output headers needed to actually use that GPU that's sharing die space with the Sandy Bridge cores. If you want to use integrated graphics with a K series CPU, you need a Z68-based board. The one Jeff lists above will work, as will any other with the Z68 chipset. Also note that with the Sandy Bridge graphics, you'll be limited to two displays. Even if you never do anything more taxing on the GPU than watch a 1080p video, you'll probably still want to upgrade to a Radeon 6000-series card for the triple-head output capability. Jeff's already talked at some length about why this is desirable for a professional programmer.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Building a PC, Part VII: Rebooting at Coding Horror
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Jul 18, 2011