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I detect a "holier-than-thou" attitude in your diatribe. The Romans were keenly aware of their loss of the Roman Republic and of Roman virtue. But this did not help them a bit. They were in the grip of forces they could not control: the forces of empire-building. This unstoppable force is still with us today - only much stronger, since we now have a global economy compared to the Roman economy, which only controlled a limited area of the world. I think this approach: analyzing the forces involved, is more useful than hypocritical moralizing.
I think she was dumped?
Click on the Reading Guide, the second audio link on the right of the page.
I enjoy sleep precisely because it is a surrender of consciousness and a return to our primitive awareness - the basis for our survival. Consciousness is a thin layer on top of this, and doesn't work very well - as history has shown over and over. The primitive is where we come from, and where we need to return to nightly. It may not be pretty, but it is real, and is a basic resource. The alternative is described in the comic book Logicomix, where thinkers that try to solve everything with their minds (their conscious) and often go mad.
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legal instruments used as tools of control. I like that. Its all about control. But corporations not only derive their power from the law, they derive it from the power the people have given up and transferred to them. They are the new universal religion.
I want to record a comment a friend of mine made to me, but did not turn into a comment himself: --- These days, combatants do not always put on uniforms. And those who would normally do so, have led the violence to the civilian populations they are supposed to be defending. This is a good thing because it brings all the nastiness of war to the only ones who can stop it, the civilians. 911 brought a bit of war to us but only a small bit and it was regionalized to such an extent that the nation as a whole did not experience the true effects of war. We were told to continue shopping to support the economy. I have no respect for people who try to dignify war by formalzing it with uniforms and "rules". The only real rule of war is the law of the jungle. Either we leave that rule in the jungle and progress or we stay in our past with our superstitions and fears and rituals. One hundred years ago, arrmies still had formalized rules of battle which both sides respected as if mass murder were a civilized affair. Maybe that is what they were trying to do, justify their outrageous behavior by "civilizing" it.
If you are right (and you probably are) America is in big, big trouble. Few Americans realize how serious this situation is.
I am not much interested in Karl Marx or his writings, I am more interested in what other people did because of his writings: Marxism. The picture here has not been pretty.
Google aims to make itself the new center of the Internet, and eliminate the need for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is aware of this, of course, but if Google plays its cards right, it can only slow it down.
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The constitution we developed for Iraq only has one legislature.
The world is fortunate to have such wonderful people in charge of it.
The rooster was not exactly a pet, but she recognized it instantly, and said "poor xxx". Ticos are very fond of their roosters, and sometimes carry them around with them. In other Latin American countries rooster fights to the death are common, with sharp knives are attached to their spurs. No one protects their chickens in La Alegria, they room freely over the countryside. A chicken-killing dog doesn't last very long, but I don't know how it meets its end - but I suppose I will find out. They are tolerant of stray dogs, and sometimes even feed them, but this is going too far. The cost of a chicken, even a rooster, should not be much. But I will let my landlord do the negotiating. I doubt if he will be sympathetic to their plight. He will just make the fence better, he likes to do things like that.
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California did have some fine training programs. I went to a sheet metal class in LA once after the Aerospace collapse, when there were no engineering jobs. Unfortunately, must of the class were ghetto kids that were absolutely untrainable and no one in the right minds would employ. But the teachers were excellent. And it was free!
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You are right about ghetto cultures everywhere. They are not going anywhere.
What is astonishing to us now is the passion of the pro-slavery position - including the religious justifications involved. These people believed that their way of life was absolutely right, that any infringement on their rights was insufferable, and violence was the only proper response to such outrages.
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You need to look more carefully at the people you revile. You are clearly a neoliberal yourself. Wikipedia says: Broadly speaking, neoliberalism seeks to transfer part of the control of the economy from public to the private sector under the belief that it will produce a more efficient government and improve the economic indicators of the nation.
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You believe a "creator" continues to fine tune the universe in order to achieve some original "goals". And that science confirms this and the Genesis story - and presumably much else in the Christian religion. You have "scientists" to back all this up. Really.
I am sure some of my readers would like to know how to shut off the information gathering widgets. Can you provide a link to that?
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Wikipedia says this in its entry for Creationism: --- In relation to the creation-evolution controversy the term creationism is commonly used to refer to religiously motivated rejection of natural biological processes, in particular evolution, as an explanation accounting for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth. --- You seem to have a unique interpretation of this, similar to Deist beliefs.
A friend of mine made this comment: I have to admit that I so enjoy books too. Often when I finish I feel like a friend or neighbor has moved away is the only way I can explain it, I seldom feel that w/a movie.
No I am not saying that conservatism made California desirable. They just moved in because it was desirable, with the objective of wrecking it. I believe California is losing some of is population, because jobs are not so attractive anymore and housing costs so much.
Railroad work could be interesting and socially involving. The Santa Fe encouraged its employees to become better educated - so they would become better people, not just better workers. At the same time they could be ruthless about fighting the unions.
In Costa Rica the exchange rate seems unstable the last few days. This is probably because the international currency exchange markets themselves are so unstable. The central bank of Costa Rica tried to stabilize the exchange rate for awhile, but had to give up, because it did not have the currency reserves to pull it off, like China does.
I knew I was going to hear from you on this - a die-hard Marxist who only thinks in the Marxist groove. Get out of it! There is no Marxist solution, this has been proven over and over. Stop sounding like a broken record. The world has moved on, and is now thinking differently.
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I can always depend on you, brother, to enunciate the conventional wisdom. For example: "That certain truths are self-evident..." If it were only so. In 1776 it appeared that enlightenment values would sweep the world. In fact, the French Revolution, based in these values, was a total disaster. France did not recover until well after WWII. The belief that we are an example for the rest of the world to follow - even if we have to push the rest of the world to follow us, is simply arrogance in action.