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Thank you for these thoughts. I read Amish Grace, about the forgiveness of the man who killed many school children. Their forgiveness seemed to be more selfish in nature, though I respected it. The reason seemed to be to have eternal life. I feel the forgiveness should come from the love that God, through Jesus, exhibits for us, which I hear you saying here. Not for the purpose of going to heaven.
I'd have enjoyed seeing the reaction! I also wonder how I would react if someone came up to me in the parking lot in the same manner. Would I throw the paper on the ground? I've often discarded something left on my windshield without really reading all of it (not on the ground, though!)
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Seems all our conversations about moves paid off. That's what my parents taught me, and that's what we tried to teach you. Wait until you pull out your Christmas decorations next you. You'll again realize that home is where you are, because Christmas decorations are the most visual of traditions.
Thank you for a good statement about the UMC's way of assigning pastors. I know it is a demanding job to make the changes and adjustments, and I know that the cabinet does work closely with God. My father (who was a Methodist pastor) said he had gifts he could use at one church, and when God had used him with those gifts it was time for him to apply his gifts elsewhere and for God to move someone else in who had gifts he didn't have. It's always interesting to see how different gifts of the clergy build a congregation up is those specific areas.
You know you have our prayers. Have had and will have.
You're right - home is the togetherness of a family, no matter where.
I like your approach to not only helping adults know youth better, but youth understanding and being a part of the whole congregation, even the adults! We adults have joys and sorrows too that we'd like to share with the youth, but sadly the only time we see them in if they pass us on the way to their youth rooms/wing/building or across the sanctuary during worship (where they usually sit together), or if they happen to lead in worship, usually once or twice a year. And those occasions don't help us know each other at all. I realized that when, last fall, I sat by a young girl in combined youth and adult choirs were rehearsing for the Christmas music. I've known this girl by sight for 7 years, watching her grow through her pre-teen years into a young lady. Suddenly I saw that I really didn't know what to talk to her about as we sat waiting for rehearsal to start.
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Thank you for speaking up! Why do we let it bother us, indeed. I think it's that the implication, as you said, is that Christians who don't "talk the talk" in the same way that they do are in a lower status. I also hear it is many prayers said aloud. The way I talk to God is in the same tone and words that I'd use with a friend, but sometimes when I hear prayers I hear certain words that are repeated sometime 15 or 20 times in the prayer. I have no difficulty with that, if that's the way that they speak to God. I just hope that those folks don't feel that they are in some exclusive club because they pray in that manner. And I hope that new Christians don't feel that a certain language in prayer is required.
Thank you for sharing this. It shows that youth ministry is a calling, not a stepping stone.
I'm really impressed with your youth too! They usually hear more than we realize. I think that we could add "open minds" to our open doors and open hearts. Thank you for some good thoughts on taking scripture literally.
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This sounds so intresting! Such an opportunity for people to really get involved. Keep it up!
OK - so now I have another book to purchase and read! The book I've used in the past about Paul's statements on women is SPEAKING OUT FOR WOMEN - A BIBLICAL VIEW by Philip Siddons. I'm sure it's out of print. It's not just on Paul's letters, but there is a large section on that.
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