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Easily move heavy loads up to 275 pounds with the RuXXac Business XL Hand Cart. This XL version of the cart has an extended 19 x 16" platform for holding larger boxes or materials. The cart itself folds down to... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Versa Deck 30 x 60 w/ 10 inch Pneumatic Casters. VERSA Deck structural foam platform trucks are molded for strength and long-term durability. Molded structural plastic decks are steel-reinforced and have exceptional strength-to-weight ratios. These... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Janitorial / Maintenance Canvas Bulk Truck. Perfect for warehouse, laundry or mail, these durable trucks get the job done. Includes elastic band nylon cap to help contain and protect contents. Strong Kiln-dried hardwood base, welded... Continue reading
Heavy Duty Door / Window Warehouse Dollie The Heavy Duty Warehouse Dollie is made from 1¼” square steel tubing. It is our most heavy duty cart yet with a weight capacity of 900 pounds. The cart frame is equipped with... Continue reading
FEATURES + BENEFITS The P-Handle Aluminum Hand Truck is ideal for transporting heavy and awkward loads. Truck works well for the user that needs to free up one hand. The P-shaped handle makes the truck easy to steer and maneuver.... Continue reading
This Dollie is great for the job site. It features a collapsible frame for easy storage on the delivery truck. This dollie easily lifts heavy doors and windows, plywood, drywall, paneling, plate glass, and more. Job Site Dollie The Job... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - The UpCart All-Terrain Folding Cart - 1442. It works. Whether it's hauling a 100-pound cabinet up five flights of stairs or bringing home the groceries, the UpCart makes transport and storage easy, painless, and hassle... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Four Wheel Multi-Position Steel Hand Truck - bp1441. Great for uneven surfaces and outdoor work. 4" x 1" mold-on-rubber swivel casters are located at the back of the cart to stabilize loads and prevent tipping.... Continue reading
Shipping Hand Trucks... Shipping a hand truck anywhere in the United States is one of the most expensive items to ship. It doesn't matter if you use FEDEX, UPS or a freight company. Shipping companies have found their way into... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Remin Tri Kart 750 Folding Cart - remin369. Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Dutro Collapsible Folding Hand Truck - bp1431. The Dutro telescoping handle and folding nose heavy duty hand truck is a workhorse. The 14 gauge steel frame construction and 500 lb weight capacity assures you that... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - American Cart Mega Hauler Hand Truck with Rear Folding Wheels - bp1392. Tired of getting stuck in soft gravel and sand? The large 13" flotation tires allow the Mega Hauler hand truck to go over... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - American Cart Mega Hauler Hand Truck - bp1391. Tired of getting stuck in soft gravel and sand? The large 13" flotation tires allow the Mega Hauler hand truck to go over loose and soft terrain.... Continue reading
It's that time of year to get out and get your yard work done. Moving trees and shrubs have to be done with care and without the proper equipment you can damage the landscape or even injury yourself. Having the... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Nursery Push Cart w/ Fold-Down Sides - bp1388. The Nursery Push Cart has Fold-down sides making loading and unloading a snap and then fold up to secure plants and landscape items. Large 10" pneumatic wheels... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Little Giant High End Bulk Handling Truck with Removable Shelf - bp1390. Little Giant high end bulk handling truck with removable shelf. Narrow 16-inches wide 12-gauge steel deck is perfect for narrow aisles. Each corner... Continue reading
What carrying case do you choose when you need to protect fragile items such as cameras and electronics from the elements? Wet or sandy environments can wreak havoc on electronics so you need the right case for the job. Whether... Continue reading
The Heavy Duty Appliance Hand Truck by Roughneck has a kickout set of wheels to balance the load and take the loads of off the end user. Has exceptional stair climbing ability and includes easy auto-rewind ratchet belt tightening for... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Apache Platform Cart - 800 lb Capacity. This mega-capacity Apache Platform Truck has a load capacity 800 lbs. With a tough, reinforced-steel frame and a 30" x 48" platform, this industrial-quality truck is just the... Continue reading
The Little Giant 60" Tall Hand Truck with Foot Kick is a heavy duty hand truck! 60" of strong steel helps the user with heavy tall loads. The foot kick allows the user to remove a heavy load off the... Continue reading
This new Gruv Gear Muver 6 is one awesome folding cart and uboat. The folding design, makes it a perfect tool to travel with and carry all your gear! You won't find another cart like it anywhere. Sturdy steel construction... Continue reading
Hand Trucks R Us - Vestil Hardwood Platform Truck 30 x 60. Ideal for shipping areas, offices, and plant use, these economical carts are perfect for many applications Platforms constructed of 1 in. thick hardwood Removable steel push handle Rolls... Continue reading