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I've never trashed you or called you names, publicly or privately. If such emails were attributed to me please send me a copy privately. I don't care about the hat tip or the link, you were within your rights not to credit me for the translation. I only decided to comment in response to your false claims in the comments section here.
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The time stamp on your November 20 post says 10:10 AM CST (1610 GMT). The TOI article was up at 3:16 PM Israel time (1316 GMT) the same day, almost three hours earlier. Also, your comments there clearly indicate that the TOI article was a source for yours, at least for the original version of it. I'm not aware of any French paper that wrote about the story before TOI. You may wish to serve your readers by accurately informing them that in fact, your post came after mine. I assume we both share an interest in being properly credited for first getting out a story.
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Actually, my article on TOI was the first English report on the story: You even linked to it as the source for your own post:
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Posted Dec 28, 2009 at Hannah @Cooking Manager's blog
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Dec 28, 2009