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Hanna Stelman
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Mena, cute shirt and romper. I bet the shirt could be saved by just getting rid of the idea of a collar all together. Its summer, why do you need extra fabric! I know its been said earlier but I second the idea!
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2011 on The "Little Acorns" Romper at The Sew Weekly
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I think she will go classic. Fitted through out with a train leading from the back,but nothing more than 5ft odds are less. And not mermaid style. Perhaps with dainty sleeves? Or just maybe at this point I am just projecting the dress I have in mind for myself onto her... :) either way we will find out this morning!
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So. Cute. My three words? Adventurous, Abundance, Ambitious! I am graduating with my masters degree soon here ( YAY!) so this means free time, to try new methods, to pump out many items and to not lose my ambition when I have to seam rip something ( for the THIRD time).
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2011 on Mouse and Daisy Pincushion at The Sew Weekly
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Apr 12, 2011