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Diana Hansen-Young
New York City
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"I'm The Only Living Boy In New York City. . . here I am. . . " He got the lyrics wrong. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Diana Hansen-Young
. . . and so I wake up and they've left a gift for me, fruits of their hard-earned labor, all night long, two cats who brought forth a mouse. And they settle in to see how I like it. Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Diana Hansen-Young
Can you hear the people sing/Singing the song of angry men? Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
last night, but this time when he woke up, blood was coming out of his. . . whatever. Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
But who is on whose menu? It's a standoff. Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
A Pueo has short ears. Still, I was thinking about the pueo who lived on our farm way up in the hills in Kahalu'u. The road had no streetlights; if I came home late, pueo would come and swoop and glide in front of the headlights, leading me up the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
Someplace East of the Sun and West of the Moon, where every horn, antler, tusk and head is restored, and the lamb lies down with the lion. Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
Did Walter James Palmer learn his beheading skills from Isis? Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So I'm at dinner at an upscale "diner" and the special is Chilean Sea Bass, which is tasty, if indeed it IS Chilean Striped Sea Bass, but the "special" price make me suspicious, so I ask the waiter: Is this really Chilean Striped Sea Bass? I rarely ask Fine Dining... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So out of my window I can see the Manhattan skyline just above the Brooklyn skyline, which includes the Hansen Clock tower and Met Foods. So the three of us sit and peacefully watch the sunset and the stars - no, wait. Stars don't flit. Don't go after them, boys... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
In her ubiquitous fur, ca. 1920, San Francisco, where she was a "flapper." Fox furs were all the rage, and she asked her dad, my Great Grandpa Wylie B. Duncan to "get her one." Wylie B spent the winters panning for gold and trapping for fur, and the summers building... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So I'm in a taxi on Fifth, and we stop at a light. To my right, I see a meter-ticket-giver is standing at the front of a mini-van, which is parked in a NO STOP OR DIE zone, shaking his ticket-scanner-thingie, which has refused to issue a ticket. Meanwhile, in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
for all the reasons which will be revealed later. Hooray Hooray! In honor of pen and ink, I had a hot pastrami, and sketched my favorite pastrami-sandwich-maker with ever-present toothpick. Brooklyn: Nobody does it better. Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So the spy guys are back. Honestly. Our own Department of Defense Network Information Center (IP visited me on July 12. Right behind them was the Russian Federation Information Network - Moscow, Moscow City (IP So once again, I did a water color in their honor: I am... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So it's Thursday afternoon at Thrillerfest X. The writer in front of me has the rapt attention of the agent. He's pitching his thriller, a steamingly fleshy autobiography: "Fifty Shades of Gray" meets "Night of the Living Dead" meets "Dr. No". He's so excited he's lost both feet, a hand,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
Overnight at a lion rescue park. Hear them roar! Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
And once again, I fail to blog. Ask me some time about the curried goat and lima beans. Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
So today I'm called upon to open the Nana Nap Cafe for the Bab (Grandson Felix), meaning a nap, food, play. . . . for up to five hours. Yikes. So I get ready, and put his favorite song on a continual loop (the Alfred Apaka version) which is 2... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
Dawn. Brooklyn. Snoozing. I feel rustling. . . rustling. . . movement. . . I look and see Jaws the white cat emerging from under a fringed throw on the bed right next to me. I grab the cell phone and get one shot of this LION UNDER THE THROW.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
I spent January through July in a fury of writing and rewriting drafts of THE FAT HAWAIIAN DETECTIVE. I'm sending it out, and tinkering, of course, in the process, and going back to rewrite the thriller. Then life, as it is apt to do, interferred with my best-laid plans, and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2015 at Diana Hansen-Young
Someone writes me: "It must be impossible to sit in Brooklyn in 2014 and write about Hawaii in 1898." Not at all. I confess, I go to old Hawaii every time I sit and write. I put on Hawaiian music that carries me away to another place and time, and... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2014 at Diana Hansen-Young
Three beautifully groomed and tacked animals, part of the NYPD Equine Unit, standing around being admired by a throng of horse lovers. I ask if I can pat the horsey. Sure, comes the resply. I raise my hand and WHACK! The horse flattens his ears and whips his head around... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2014 at Diana Hansen-Young