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Really, a players fate is in the hand of a corporation? You think that's the way it should be? If he stayed they would have lost our on every penny of that transfer in Jan when he signed for free. Why pay him his wages and loose out on $9.3 million?
you and a ton of other Americans
High hopes for Tottenham's midfield, they have a lot of talent there.
Chelsea kicked Tottenham out because they are returning champs.
The Texan will be rockin some Spurs!
return to the Deuce? said it all.
Liverpool is a shell of the team they were last season when they failed to reach CL. Tottenham only built upon their team that missed out on CL because Chelsea won the tournament. It's better to go to a team who built a better team than a team who deconstructed theirs.
Really? Wow! AVB loves outside wingers who tuck into the midfield. Hulk at Porto and Sturridge at Chelsea are both examples.
This deal has been on again off again for months and it's led to £4 million...I still don't think Liverpool or the FSG is serious about bringing Clint to LFC
28 EPL (2010/2011 season) goals from LFCs current squad and they're so cheas as to bid £4 million for Dempsey who scored 17! Pathetic evaluation.
The deal was done in USD. $4 million.
As of now Liverpools squad scored 28 EPL goals last season...Clint scored 17. 4£ is way to low. Not sure if Clint playing for LFC is gonna be worth it.
Dirk Kuyt, Maxi Rodriguez, Craig Bellamy, Alberto Aquilani, Fabio Aurelio and Carroll who have all been cut from the wage bill since the end of last season. Adam is set to join Stoke City in a £4m deal with Spearing poised to move to Bolton on loan. Even using conservative estimates Liverpool will have recouped in transfer fees and made savings on wages in excess of £20m since Rodgers took over.
Clint's been on record for years, since he last signed a contract extension with Fulham in 09, saying he wants more challenges in his career and to play in the CL. I've never said Liverpool was a step up, we all know neither team is playing in the CL or UEFA. I don't think Liverpool has anything to offer Clint besides a new manager. I'd much rather see him play for an established top tier team who is in the CL and is looking for a top rate finisher. Prior to this week Udinese looked like a great fit for him, as awesome a Di Natale is; he just can't carry them in every competition as was proven with their departure from the CL. You do understand what Clint did in Fulham right? His first goal for the club, against Liverpool BTW, was the goal that kept them from relegation that year. Until last season Clint had to battle for his starting 11 spot because the manager turnaround at Fulham was ridiculous. Despite constantly finishing the season as their top scorer, he would continue to quietly battle for and win a spot in the 11 season after season. He led them to barely qualify for UEFA through the Fair Play rules and then led them to the final of the tournament v Athletico Madrid. Under Jol, Dempsey never had to battle for a starting role and he thanked his club by scoring 23 goals which included 2 hat tricks. Last season was his coming out season, a season worthy of top tier football. Listen, this can go on forever. I get your point about teams shouldn't have to give into players demands, and it's a valid point. For the record, the Dembele move was a fantastic move for Jol. Clint isn't just a member of the Fulham squad, he's a Fulham legend and to treat your legends with such disrespect is the disgraceful aspect of the situation that has so many US fans upset.
The EPL has never been great for an American, Clint's the only field player to see this kind of success. Americans are definitely achieving more and more success every season though.
Of course Fulham would put him in the 11, he's the best player to have ever played for their team.
Jol! You just can't let Clint leave with dignity can you? I remember the days of Fulhamerica, days when it was possible to see Americans like Kasey Keller, Brian McBride, Marcus Hanhemann, Carlos Bocanegra, Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey all play. Although only 4 I think ever made it to the 11 at the same time. Fulham used to be a haven for Americans. Those days have long gone and Clint has been the sole American for a while. It's disgraceful to watch a team so many of us have given our hearts to publicly disgrace our and their best player. Now Jol is insisting on going with the highest bidder. Clint wants new challenges in his carrier, challenges Fulham aren't in a position to offer him. They disgrace him publicly because he wants to test his skill at a higher level, that just seems ridiculous. He is the best player to have ever called Craven Cottage home, and they'd rather tarnish his legacy and the efforts of every American who thought themselves privileged to be granted opportunities with the club; because their star player has outgrown the team.
Dembele is an atacking mid, he doesn't set things up in midfield...just not his style of play. He scored 7 goals and 7 assists in all of his 75 appearances for Fulham and hasn't scored on the international scene since his lone goal in 09. My argument isn't against Dembele, not one bit. It's the inconsistency on Fulhams part. A few days ago Jol said they would only let Dembele go for a high fee and the got it immediately. The entire offseason/transfer market Jol has constantly said Clint isnt for sale. Great move by Fulham by offloading Dembele for £15 million, Jol way to manipulate the market. The entire Clint saga has gone on for too long; it's taking away from the team, the players and the fans. We just want to see our boys play great football and shame on Fulham and Jol for taking the joy out of being a fan.
This Dempsey discussion has gotten out of hand. Dembele was just sold for £15 million, apparently his contract had that clause built in. Fulham never rated Dembele so high anyway. £15 million for 7 goals in two seasons...Spurs got suckered. Clint's rated at £10 million, but yet they're struggling to find a suitor? I'm not buying it, not one bit. Something's going on at the cottage and I hope the truth comes out soon. Clint's only 29, that's young for an American athlete MJ was 29 when he won his first of 6 NBA championships.
Don't take this the wrong way, Drew I don't think you have a true understanding of professional sports. The guys out there are the best in the world. Sometimes a player (QB or in this case MB) has to put a ball in a spot where only his player can make a move for it. Having the vision and ability to so precisely place a ball and then trust that the player who received the ball can then either pass it or put it in the back of the net is AMAZING! I promise you nor anybody else commenting on this site has that ability. The goal was beautiful and spectacular, and to take that away from somebody because you can't imagine the ability and skill level it takes to place a ball 30-40 yards down field so precisely is a shame. What an amazing goal from set up to finish.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Disgusting! Fair weather fans! I've followed Clint since his rookie season in MLS, this isn't the first time Fulham has done this to him. August '09 Clint was pressured to sign another contract after being froze out of the team (the same season he lead Fulham to a Europa League Final against Athletico Madrid). Back then it wasn't as obvious to the world that Clint was a serious offensive threat no matter the opponent...last season finally established that without a doubt. Imagine you are a sports team with a player who doesn't want to play for you, and he happens to be worth a ton of money. Would you (A) play him and risk injury, then you have to foot the bill for his recovery right before he signs with another club while you get no monetary compensation, or (B) finally accept that you have to move on and cash out? Easy to see that (B) is the best option. It's just unfortunate that Mohamed Al-Fayed and Jol are so vindictive. I suggest people read up on Mohamed Al-Fayed, learn about how he lead a brutal lie filled take over of Harrods, or how he eventually stole from the previous top guy at Harrods (Roland Rowland) safe deposit box got caught and was forced to pay Rowland's widow compensation, how about the time he paid off members of parliament to lobby for his business (the MP's he bribed were subsequently fired, disgraced, and Parliament passed a new law to stop something of this magnitude to never happen again...dubbing it the "cash for questions affair" and after it the questions failed he turned everyone in...just ratted them out so he wouldn't have to pay them). He is a ruthless businessman who when he doesn't get his way he sets out to destroy everyone who stopped him. It's a shame so many people blindly follow this guy in his attempt to bully Clint. Hats off to Clint for staying out of the whole thing and just waiting for his next chance to prove to the world that he can put the ball in the back of any net no matter what other 21 players are on the field.
When's the last time Drogba scored more goals than Clint? 2010, two season's have passed and the only reason people are chatting about Drogba is because Chelsea is good enough to make it to the Champions league final without him. What can Fulham do without Clint? Drogba's far behind Clint. And where else do you get 23 goals for 10 million pounds?
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on Drogba confirms Chelsea departure at Soccer By Ives
The Fair Play rules can still help Fulham qualify for Europa, it's how they made it into the league this year. They would however need that 7th place finish to even be considered, this match matters! It's a stretch but it is possible. Clint though probably won't be at the Cottage next season. I'm not buying into the whole Arsenal thing, I'm expecting a team who's new or hasn't been there in the Champions League in a while to employ Dempsey next season. Newcastle or Tottenham in the EPL maybe even Udinese or Málaga, Levante or perhaps even Athletico Madrid. All great suitors who could use 20+ goals for 10 million Euros or so.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on Dempsey out for Fulham finale at Soccer By Ives
What about the possibility of Udinese making a run at Clint? Think about it, now that Udinese is probably going to the Champions League Di Natale can't be the only one scoring. Imagine a small market team with two 20+ goal scorers pairing up together. It would be a great fit for fans as well since ESPN 3 plays just about every Serie A match that's not on one of the cable channels. He can leave the EPL, I don't know who would turn down an opportunity to play Champions League instead of, best case possible for Fulham, to qualify for the Europa League through the Fair Play rules. Especially for a team who's squad is fiercely loyal like Udinese. Just a thought, I think he'd fin in really well there.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives