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I have wanted to like her music for a long time and I like a few songs, but her music sounds dated and/or just like I have already heard it all before from artists whose music I gained access to before hers!
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I was eleven when I came across Living Colour. They were the first rock tape I ever bought and I was proud to own it as I had bought it at Sam Goody's with my allowance! It blew my mind to see them and I was immediately fascinated at this vibe they were giving off (in the Cult of Personality video I think I saw on MTV) that I wasn't regularly exposed to since I was heavily into pop (Debbie Gibson, Michael Jackson, New Edition and...yes, New Kids on the Block). They opened the door for me to explore music further on my own (I was rebelling against all the world, jazz, and soul music my parents were trying to foist on me then, lol) and that meant a lot to me. More importantly though they helped me to SEE and really get that rock music was not owned by white people, was not just for white people as was the line of thinking on the blacktop and monkey bars, so to speak. FYI, I had seen and heard of Jimi Hendrix, but for some reason he scared the tween in me. Plus, he was dead and that further creeped me out. I was too young to see LC live then, so I am beyond thrilled that I finally will see them on tour this fall in Atlanta.
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