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Great post! I had read your post about high resolution monitors around 2007. Back then 24 inch screens had resolution of 1920x1200 fast forward 5 years (bloody 5 years!) and we still have 24 inch monitors with exactly same resolution, worse still with this HD marketing gimmicks the resolution has actually come down to 1920x1080 in other displays! Can you fucking believe that. Laptops come with that sore of eye 1336x720 display. I have avoided buying a laptop for last 5 years just because of this. When the rumours were going around about new ipad having retina display, I thought it was more of a wishful thinking rather than anything else but they actually did it. I truly hope this innovation will be replicated across the board as far as displays are concerned. I still cant get my head around when I think that the 10 inch ipad has more pixels than my 24 inch monitor. This has to change.
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Mar 20, 2012