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Thank you for laying it out in a way even the kids can understand, which has them gobsmacked as to how complicated it all is. The bit that gleemed most interest was how the compromise that is our Consitiution came into being having to incorporate so many conflicting desires. As long as we teach them that alternatives can exist that have yet to be developed, this might give some hope, especially as they have no real fears about the value of a single identity method that is secure and reliable, ie the Ozcard. Enjoy doing educational dinners on the odd occasion at friends places, where a print out of a few of Anthony's pages is consumed on a no read, no eat policy and debate ensures during the main meal. It is the sharing of ideas and positions while breaking bread amongst friends that i think makes the lesson better learnt. Harry K
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What no one has pointed out is the value to Fred's mob of the training value of having a bloated ticket of candidates. All knowing that potential success is so diluted, that no one will get up. They did hope to get +4% and a hope was all it was. Faith is a powerful thing to the committed. Using a by-election to blood new candidates and more importantly, those they bring with them as party workers is a schrewd move by the CDP, especially with the NSW election fixed for March 2011. There is some sence in starting their campaign as early as the Bradfield by-election, as it has gained exposure for the CDP, bolstered membership and has allowed new faces to emerge as viable (?) alternatives to their current aging leadership. Any which way, CDP only care for the upper house, where power comes easy when having a part hold of the tiller of balance. Be interesting to see if the micro Shooters and Fisher / 4WD / Recreationalists can combine forces to secure themselves seats next to Fred's people. Regards, Harry K
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Jan 28, 2010