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What do we know about Rick Scott? This is the whole story. He ran a successful donut shop (at least his mother said that he was successful). He built a gigantic health organization, Columbia / HCA, which became notorious for bad healthcare, dirty hospitals and stressed employees. The company was fined $1,700,000,000 for defrauding Medicare. The board forced him out of his job as CEO, and paid him $300,000,000 to leave. He founded Solantic, a storefront clinic catering to folks with little or no insurance. The government went after him for lying about licensing and other matters. Ricky took the 5th seventy five times during hearings on the matter, and the company quietly settled with the government. He's very smooth, but he lies whenever he opens his mouth. He has no story to tell, so he gains votes by lying about his opponent. At least two-thirds of his accusations about Bill McCollum were lies. Nearly all of his accusations against Alex Sink are lies. All of this information is available on sites like Politifact and Politico, but the moron voters would rather get their "news" from Fox and Scott's lying ads. Scott would cause more damage to Florida than all of the hurricanes in history have caused. Don't let this happen!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on The Rick Scott Solantic boomerang at Naked Politics
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Oct 11, 2010