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Jonathan Harston
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Not only do I wonder "why do people who can't write a simple program even entertain the idea they can get jobs as working programmers?", I end up screaming at the TV when some idiot says "well, I'm a programmer, but I'm only doing that to pay the bills, I really want to be a property developer". Argh!!!!!! I've spent 20 years trying to get people to pay me to use my innate skills and aptitude as a programmer, and ending up working as a builder To Pay The Bills, and there's incompetant d*******s like them out there who don't want to do the job I do want, and want to do the job I don't want. What is it with today's society? I've only got the development job I've got now because the lady who recruited me refuses to use agencies and HR people and tracks down people personally on individual recommendation.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2011 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Oct 6, 2011