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Bonn, Germany
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@J_random_hacker: "Anyway, those are just my feelings and opinions, and you're certainly welcome to disagree." I apologize, if my post came across as sort of indoctrinating. That was not my intent. In hindsight, I should have added an "in my opinion" somewhere. Cultural differences might indeed be an explanation for the fact, that we draw very different implications from Jeff's Statements.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2010 on The Vast and Endless Sea at Coding Horror
@Jeff Atwood Thanks for another interesting installment. While the focus of the article is on people building teams or hiring people, I as a programmer can relate to the basic idea, too. I perceive those times in my hitherto work life as the most productive, where I was able to feel like a part of the product, as opposed to feel like one cog wheel among many, disposable at any time. @J_random_hacker: I am not sure how you got to the "since I'm trying hard not to be" part of your impression. I cannot see anything in the article about Jeff avoiding to make money. It is rather about earning his money with something he loves to do. And about propagating that idea. This part of your post, "Your attempts to take the focus off this fact by highlighting how much intrinsic enjoyment you also get from the process of coding I find a bit sickening", is turning the articles message on its head. The focus is on the enjoyment, but money is also made. If you follow the link labeled "Stack Exchange 2.0" in the article, you can find this comment from Mr. Atwood: "That said, of course money is necessary to run a business and hire and pay people, but it’s not the *goal*."
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on The Vast and Endless Sea at Coding Horror
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Jun 4, 2010