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From this twitter address I tweet road safety tips From @S_i_n_s I tweet winter road safety tips I have been DRIVING for over 26 years, what I see commuting, are merely MOTORISTS, driving is a skill, if you are not skilled, you are a mere motorist. Motorists, do not signal lane changes or turns, turn into more than one lane, and never check mirrors. They block intersections because they do not know a green light does not mean GO. It means PROCEED IF and WHEN the WAY is CLEAR, and at no other time should you PROCEED. Cell phones distract, Ontario has bluetooth hands-free law. Ipods distract, unclear windows distract. In winter motorists attempt to move in nothing more than a snowbank on wheels. Morning dew is not see-through, stop relying on a button to make skinny lines, use a rag and wipe it off. I think there should be laws on that, make all your vision panels clear of snow,ice,frost,dew,dirt, and debris, and your lights too, I always have headlights on, light travels faster, so its more visible, Visibility is key to prevention of collisions and fatalities. Check my author webpage at for a pedestrian safety article last January, reprinted in local papers. I am a caring, loving person, my driver's manual is more like Simon Cowell, it is tough love, very critical, and should be in Oprah's hands very soon. Like many sane people, I signed Oprah's pledge.
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Apr 21, 2010