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Jason Hatrick
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This makes me want to play Settlers of Catan. Believe it or not, I never have. Actually, the whole game room on the cruise made me want to get into gaming more.
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I knew Wil was being mock-serious, but I didn't catch the bonus irony you were doling out, Plain ol T. Sorry about that. My brain isn't up to full working order after my own long and arduous travels!
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The videos are starting to make their way to youtube. Most of them are tagged JCCC2 and they are awesome! I know we all want more, but let's be patient with our fellow seamonkeys; many of us had long, arduous trips home. One of my few regrets of the performances was that Wil didn't critical hit his roll so we could hear BOTH stories! That said, the one we got was very heartwarming and clearly written with a lot of love. One of the highlight performances of the trip, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Wheaton!
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Feb 28, 2012