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Hanna Day-Woodruff
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Great to see this review! I stumbled upon African Restaurant a few weeks ago and heartily enjoyed my vegetarian meal (the cabbage dish was the highlight for me). The setting was clean and comfortable, and our waiter was gracious. I hope AR succeeds!
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Great article on a great topic!
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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. While the number is correct, what it describes is not - there is a 4,500 permanent seating capacity, and a 7,500 seating capacity if portable seats are provided. The mistake is my own. This information comes from the consultant's report here: A correction will be made in the body of the article to reflect this. The article was intended to apprise those who did not attend the luncheon of the information that was presented. Because it reflected one side of the story, for some it does not contain all the facts and considerations relevant to making a decision to support or oppose the Arena project; it was not intended to be a persuasion piece. Questions like the ones you raised are important, and luckily Lincoln has several months to sleuth out the answers.
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Jan 26, 2010