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I'd come, barring any other prior engagements.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2008 on Blog-Keeping at
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The post makes a few assumptions. First, Mrs. Clinton will run in 2008. She has not announced that. On the contrary, she is seeking re-election to another 6-year term in the Senate. Second, America is seen as rather backward already. Personally, I see no difference who is the face on top, it's still the same rotten core. France has had FIVE republics in the time you've had ONE. Germany's had FOUR. Italy's had THREE. I think it was Jefferson who said "the tree of liberty must be refreshed... from time to time" Perhaps, with the end of the Bush regime, people will wake up and realise something went horribly wrong on the way to Jerusalem (referring to Mr Bush's characterisation of the war on terror as a "crusade" after September 11.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2006 on dynasties and American politics at Summation
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One counter-example to mr Hoffman's conjecture: Shehrzad Tanweer: born and raised in Beeston, Yorkshire. Made bombs outside the mosque as a lad. Went to Leeds University, earning a BSc in sports psychology. Where's he today? Well, last July, he got on a train at Luton, went to London. He then got on a bus and exploded himself in Tavistock Square. By comparison, his brother, who went to grade school with my cousin, is successfully employed at Nokia in Greece.
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Russell Beattie did something like that as well. He's the mobile evangelist at Yahoo. He recently took down his blog and so I don't have the picture, but Beattie has a lot more phones than anyone else I know.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2006 on MET MY MATCH at
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