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in the studio - always!
Fabric & Lifestyle Designer, Inventor of Trash Ties™, Mommy, Blogger, Goofy Dancer, Maker of Things, and so on.
Interests: art, design, fashion, friendship, sewing, family, fabric, crafting, fun, happy things, and good stuff.
Recent Activity
I have two new sewing patterns to announce this week, starting with the Prize Bloom Quilt. This three-dimensional floral design is a rewarding project. It gives you the opportunity to practice a variety of techniques (curved piecing, inset corners, appliqué),... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
You are so welcome. I'm in the middle of finishing up several sewing patterns, so I'm a little scattered to say the least. I'm glad you found this post. Thanks for bringing beauty to baby rooms all over. —Heather B.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2014 on Luxury Bedding at HELLOmynameisHeather
I've come across the most luxurious baby bedding by Tushies & Tantrums. I believe I was originally tagged in an Instagram post. (Which is one of my favorite things about Instagram—getting to see what is being made with my fabric... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
At the studio, we are busy prepping for the quilt industry's fall tradeshow. We have a few new patterns coming out, as well as new fabric collection. I cannot wait to share more! With quilts and soft goods on my... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
Thank you. I love to photograph fabric!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2014 on Giveaway in Progress at HELLOmynameisHeather
I really did—though the ending wasn't a happy one. :-(
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2014 on Giveaway in Progress at HELLOmynameisHeather
I'm popping in to let you know about a giveaway that's in the works. Gina from has been posting new projects made from my Lottie Da collection all week, including a fantastic little beret made from theses leftover quilt-block... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
I have been keeping this blog since 2006. Along the way, I've received several requests for podcast interviews. However, for one reason or another, the timing never worked out to schedule a call. Till now. Stephanie Kendron from caught... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
Up Parasol projects are starting to show up all over the web. I'm excited to share many of them with you with links out to their makers. Before doing so, let's have a closer look at this new collection which... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
Thanks, Sarah.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on The Hub of Hubbub at HELLOmynameisHeather
You ARE reading that correctly. I'm working hard to up my pace. The next line will tie in nicely with Up Parasol. It has a mod & playful spirit. The other one is a surprise and won't be shipping for a long while (next summer?). ;-) Heather
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on The Hub of Hubbub at HELLOmynameisHeather
Thank you, Holly. I'm always working on something! —Heather
Above, I'm using a bezel setting, which is a pre-made necklace finding. It looks a bit like an embroidery hoop, but it doesn't function in the same way. I'd love to see how your idea works. How well do your necklaces hold up? Is there enough weight to the finished pendants that they will hang nicely and stay forward-facing? —Heather
I'm excited to see what she has. Thanks for the tip. —Heather
Thank you, Kelly.
You can stitch the designs out in any stitches you like. If you're sure you want to do the herringbone—it does look really neat—I'll pull out my sample and see if I can put some instructions together to share how I did that. —Heather
Thanks, Charlotte. I wish it were realistic to work at that speed every day, but alas, it's not. I learned to accept that a long time ago. I'm just grateful for a super-productive day every once in a while. Feels good. —Heather
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on Reboot at HELLOmynameisHeather
Thank you so much. —Heather
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on Reboot at HELLOmynameisHeather
How fun. I'll have to take a look. Thank you. —Heather
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on Reboot at HELLOmynameisHeather
Aaaah...yes. Wow. What a summer. I have been all over the place—everywhere except home. It was refreshing and fun, but I am seriously ready to get back to real life. And that's a great feeling. I had a design project... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
So, here's what I made in my time off last week — teensy little embroidered necklaces for me and my close friends. Well, and for you too. We made up a few dozen kits and posted them in the online... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
What a week! Evan has chickenpox; my trusty little car is in the shop getting fit with a new harness; my Trash Ties patent needs some paperwork-love, I have a new fabric collection to deliver and another one to review.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
We have been busy prepping samples for my next quilting fabric collection—coming in June. My fashion-fabric collection is almost here as well. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen a number of sneak peeks last... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
I must tell you about this gorgeous new book from Corinne Crasbercu. With beautiful photographs, classic designs, and even darling little sketches and watercolors mixed in throughout, Corinne's new book, My Rag Doll, is a visual treat. Here is just... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather
New artwork is on its way to the mill. I pretty much have to disappear for a while in order to make that happen. Then, spring comes: lunch dates, time to help friends who are grieving, maybe I cook a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2014 at HELLOmynameisHeather