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Heath McKnight
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I'm about as big a comic book nerd you can get, with Iron Man tattoos and everything, but I feel like the Marvel Universe isn't what I remember it being. Much like Wil said about the DCU (and I feel the same way about that, too), I don't recognize what's happened with the Marvel Universe. Brubaker and Hickman are okay, but Fraction, Bendis, etc., don't seem to have a grasp on the characters' core, and their writing is long, boring and drawn-out. I don't want to sound like the grumpy, grownup comic fan (though I am 35 and have been reading for many, many years), but I think both Marvel and DC are screwing things up, and I feel the work is overrated. Civil War? Sheesh, thanks for making Iron Man a bad guy; I'm glad the movies showed the true hero. You want to read great Marvel comics? Check out Michelinie and Layton's two major Iron Man runs, and their subsequent minis and one-shots; Kaminski and Hopgoods Iron Man run that resulted in War Machine and Stark dying (aka, put on ice) and brought back in a realistic manner; Chris Claremont and John Byrne's X-Men; Simonson's Thor; anything by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, etc.; Peter David's Hulk; etc. Yeah, it's retro, but I keep going back to those old Marvel comics and their creators vs. today's stuff. Much like I'd rather listen to alt-rock from the 90s than the crap I've been hearing for the last decade (with some exceptions). Wow, I do sound old. ... "Get off my lawn, you punk!"
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Mar 31, 2011