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Riley Myers
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Wil, After reading many of your posts about how awesome The Big Bang Theory is and how much you enjoyed both of your chances to work with it's hard working stars I finally DVRed this show I felt I would like but had yet to sit down and give a chance to. I got lucky on Monday night getting to catch two back to back shows, and also the Stan Lee episode last night. (loved Sheldon's last line about the his growing collection of -Spoiler redacted-). The show is awesome and I pay extra attention to all the actors looking for all the hard work and effort you rave about and I'm laughing my ass off at how much fun the show is and how awesome all the characters are an just hope this show runs for at least 5 more years. So thanks for hipping me to a cool show I should have given a chance the first time, but I do get to sit down here in a coming weekend and watch season in one great chunk so theres that. Thanks again, Wil Riley P.S. if you ever play TF2 or anyone commenting here too for that matter look me up! My handle in game is Riker's Beard!
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May 6, 2010