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Hedy Pardey
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Nov 20, 2013
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Nov 20, 2013
Hullo Macca, I just wanted to express my views about your programme. I noticed some derogatory opinions on the blog about the show. It is just the flick of a switch for those (sad) people who cannot accept another's shortcomings. Sure, sometimes you are not your sparkling self and become jaded as we all do. Sometimes people have to be cut off (because they're rambling or ABC time restraints dictate you), HOWEVER I feel the pluses far outweigh the negatives and your Sunday mornings provide an excellent cross-section of REAL Australia and what people are up to. The programme is a great leveller with such a range of interesting people. From the rich and famous to the humble quiet achiever, from all walks of life, you cover them all. They, OUT THERE, tune into you and we all have the pleasure of finding out so much about our fabulous country; geographically, historically, culturally and weatherwise. Like so many others I tune-in to 'Macca on a Sunday', wherever I am, whenever I can.(We have just returned from 5 months on the Eastern Goldfields in WA; (Kalgoorlie-Meekatharra area) prospecting and fossicking, back to the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Great contrasts of lifestyle, climate and scenery. All of it fabulous.) I love the poetry, music and bird items you include.We all learn a lot more about our military history on Sundays.The morning always goes too fast. Thank-you for a great programme. The knockers are poorer for their lack of empathy.Yours is a unique and valuable programme about being Australian. I include this quote from Kieran Kelly's 'Tanami', by A.B.'Banjo' Patterson, The narrow ways of English folk are not for as such as we They bear the long accustomed yoke of staid conservancy But all our roads are new and strange and through our blood there runs The vagabonding love of change that drove us westwards of the range and westward of the suns.
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Jul 21, 2010