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I love these posts about your family, even though it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you have grown children. My husband adopted his first wife’s 3-year-old son. Even though their relationship did not last, he never gave up his responsibility as a dad. Even though she remarried three more times and begged him to let one of these guys adopt her son, he never gave up his responsibility. Today we have a 35-year-old son along with our biological 16-year-old son, and two beautiful grandchildren. My husband’s proudest moment was pinning his newly inducted Navy Chief son…as both a retired Navy Chief himself and as his Dad.
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This is my first time ever posting to a blog and I know I'm late to the thread, but 'investing in a RPG character' struck a chord.I played PnP D&D way back when, but was never a numbers cruncher. However, I have very fond memories of an evil halfling that sold out the group to some slavers that spoke a language only he could understand. Thank the gods for a DM that rewarded inventive character moves, both good and evil. I found NWN a number of years back and have mostly played that until last year. Spent many, many, many hours on a dedicated server as both player and DM. Our one campaign has been running for just over two years and still going, albeit with long breaks for real life issues that pop up for players and DMs. We are hoping to start up again in Jan, fingers crossed.However, I have notebooks next to the laptop filled with character notes for NWN alts I'll never play again. My background is in theatre, and RPG became my substitute when I couldn't be on stage. As improv goes, I've never had a better class. My characters really lived, one even got married in-game...geeky, I know. But it worked, lol. However, players started to go separately ways as life took the front seat and I had to upgrade. Surprisingly, I didn't like NWN2 as much as I like NWN. Go figure. I tried LoTR online but couldn't really get into it. Same for WoW. I've played some of the other role-play game like Assassin, The Witcher, and Dragon Age. For the past two years, I've been playing DDO which is pretty fun for bashing things, but no RP - which is sad.
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Dec 17, 2011