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Paypal totally screwed me over recently; when I used their card to pay for gas, they charged me $99 and then I kept getting NSF charges to my bank account. I talked to a CSR today who told me that it would be taken care of and that I would get my $100 in bank charges back from PayPal due to their error. Here's hoping it actually happens.
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Hi there! I stumbled upon this recipe in February when I was Googling a way to use up some fine dark chocolate I had that had bloomed, and have made it at least three times since. It's been a bit of trial-and-error to get them to rise and fall properly but I got it right last night, woohoo! I also added chipotle powder to the recipe last night for Spicy Mayan chocolate-style cakelets, and they turned out wonderful. Thanks for the great recipe; I'm going to browse more of yours.