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First of all, I saw the Twitter feed about the end of Jack's office and Henry's Garage. That is sad. It's like desecrating a national landmark! Last's night episode was good, but I agree with those who are wanting Jack and Allison to make some sort of commitment. Wallace Shawn made a great nosy guy! What I would like to see before the series end is: finish up the Beverly plotline, a commitment between Jack and Allison (preferably marriage), get rid of Holly (annoying and maybe too quirky for Eureka, and obviously too devoted to the Astraeus mission), at least one more appearance by Taggart, and more of other characters that really make the series- Zoe, Vincent, S.A.R.A.H., Kevin, etc. Also I hope season 5 is not split in two- with only 13 episodes, its just ridiculous. Sorry if that seems like alot, and I hope that some of these things come by the finale.
Liked the episode. The isolation chamber storyline with Jo, Fargo, Holly, Parrish and Zane was the best of the episode. The concept of something "eating" through GD has been done before ("All That Glitters...") but it was kept new with using bugs as the culprit. And Carter did a nice save for Henry at the end with "They're renewing their vows!" It's good that Henry has finally lived up to "other Henry's" standards and marry/remarry Grace.
Eureka is one of the best shows ever. Thank you Jamie Pagila and others for creating it and giving us a show that is truly one of a kind. I also thank a friend of mine for getting me into the show at the start of season 2. Right from the start, this show sounded really intriguing, since my friend had told me about various episodes from season 1. Thank God we had cable so I could watch it. If it weren't for this show i also would not have discovered Warehouse 13, which is another one of my favorites now. I am glad that there will be an additional season 5 episode so there can be a proper finale. I agree Syfy has made a big mistake, but it could be worse, they could have cancelled it long ago, even after season one. When the time comes it will be sad, but as i read in one of my high school yearbooks, "Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened." Eureka is a tremendous show that spans nearly a decade now. The thing I will miss the most is the humor, with Carter, Fargo and quirky characters like Taggart. I will also have my DVD's to re-live the awesomeness when it's gone. When the unfortunate time does finally come, "I'll Be Seeing You" Eureka.
First and foremost I am saddened that Eureka will end after Season Five. I have another show that I watch on NBC, Chuck that got the same death sentence. Warehouse 13, if it survives will then become the only show on television that I would watch, because I am cutting back on TV anyhow. I will miss Eureka when it goes, but like Chuck, I'm also glad because lengthy TV shows mean a lot of DVD's I would have to buy. Also, Eureka has technically been around for six seasons now, with the season 3 and season 4 being spilt in two, so it has had an amazing run. Monday's episode was electrifying and awesome! This timeline's version of Beverly seems to be more evil than the other. I would like to know if her organization retrieved any data or not. I can't look at Allison the same way anymore- I'll probably keep thinking she's Beverly! And the part where Allison proved who she was to Jo could have been Beverly, since she knew about 1947 from her father Adam. I hope not, but I had to think. It was nice to see more minor characters get the spotlight. Eureka Forever!!
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Another great episode!! Carter was hilarious while trying to get around the bank in midair, and when he had that gravity inducer in hand. That is classic Eureka humor!!! I like how you finally did an episode that involves an anti-gravity type situation that looks like the show's main titles. I don't know how much more Carter's Jeep can take, since it's in outer space! Jo made an awesome drill sergeant too. And OMG the part where Beverly was completely controlling Allison was so creepy, yet so awesome! I also think something is up with Andy- he was all smiles when talking about the danger of antimatter.
I am surprised by all the mixed reactions to this season of Eureka. I also love Eureka the way it is, and i co-sign with those that think the Zoe-Zane relationship needs to go. As i posted last season, Zoe, Zane and Jo may be our next Carter, Allison and Tess story, meaning that Zoe is becoming like Tess by coming between Jo and Zane (Tess did this with Carter after the timeline changed in "Founder's Day"). For those that are not liking Eureka right now, no offense but I must disagree with you. No matter what happens Eureka will always be Eureka. OK, now to last night's episode. Loved Jo and Zane being somewhat together, loved the chemistry between Holly and Fargo and loved Stan Lee's cameo! I also was glad you picked on Carter by splashing him with Parrish's goo. My only complaint is that Dr. Parrish is kind of a whiner. He is acting kind of like how he was when affected by his "rage" last year. Overall it was a good episode, although it always goes so fast that before i know it its another week until more Eureka goodness. I would also like to point out that last night's episode of Warehouse 13 referenced Eureka and last year's crossover! I agree with the parson that wants Taggart and Grant to come back. Both their characters are awesome! I can't wait to see the purpose behind the big mission to Titan (and of course what Beverly has in store for Allison)!!
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on "Glimpse" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Yet another great episode!! I have to agree season 4 is a winning season. I loved all the music, and I like that its there since it adds realism to the show. Poor Jo! Her house is blown up in season 4.0, then rebuilt all nice and new, and then its burnt to the ground this season! I did like how crazy things got with Fargo and Zane. Felicia Day's character fits right in with the town. I knew from the start of the Allison/car crash storyline that something fishy was going on. I also was hoping Beverly would continue her plans from season 4.0 and zango! Beverly implanted something into Allison's brain! Well done EUReKA writers!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on "Reprise" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Eureka 4.5 is surely going to be as awesome as 4.0!!! Fargo and Zane being trapped in space was hilarious! And the power outage was a really good idea. I also liked how they used the music from the man in black dream in "Noches de Suenos" when Jo showed up with the horses. I was really hoping they would say what the big mission to space was going to be about, but I'll just have to wait and see. As Carter said, "Eureka, we have a problem."
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