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Helen Vickers
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Amazing. I cannot recall seeing anyone else mention the Atari 400 before. (We had the 400, and the 800. The 800 lasted longer though.) We too used that BASIC cartridge, and saved our programs on cassette tapes. Then it finally died, and my next computer, almost a decade later, was an IBM (I only had $2k and had to purchase a desk too.) I have had passing experience with Apple products. Friends in Elementary school had an AppleII at their house, but they weren't allowed on it, we had Macs in the computer rooms of my dorm during my first attempt at college in the early 90's, but I spent more time on the VAX machines in the computer lab. My sister loves her macbook. (I DJ'd her wedding/reception on it. And by DJ'd, I adjusted the volume and paused the music as necessary during the ceremony, then set it on shuffle for the reception.) Yet, despite having limited experience with Apple products, the ideal that Jobs promoted strikes a chord with me. When I look at the posts people put up in his memory, with various quotes, it's the ones that have nothing to do with electronics, and everything to do with actually Living that people are sharing. Considering he stayed doing what he apparently loved for so long, despite his health deteriorating, speaks volumes about priorities. I hope, one day in the very far future, to be remembered similarly (albeit by far fewer people.) Thank you for the memorial. And for sharing so much of your life with us strangers. I quote you all the time. It's awesome living in the future.
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Oct 7, 2011