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A younger relative is upset with me because I'm not good at sharing my "stuff". It's understandable but I still feel bad that I don't want to lend some of my things that run the risk of getting ruined causing me the trouble of finding and buying a new thing. do i overreact? Likely. But what causes me more stress? Lending and worrying, or not lending and feeling bad because she get's passive agressive that I don't share? They don't take care of their things. But they're just "things". Why do I care so much about "things"? Hmmm. If I just happily lent my stuff and didn't put it out there that they have to be careful, then likely it would all be fine. Maybe old habits die hard. Meantime she's passively mad at me even though I apologized. Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2010 at Dogwood's blog
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Jul 13, 2010