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BTW, just to add: That 50 µSv/h is definitely a "don't play outside" level, but not a run away screaming level.
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To put it in a couple of other perspectives: 100 mSv is the lowest yearly dose clearly shown to increase cancer risk (that's received in 83 days at 50 µSv/h). 50 mSv/Year is the maximum EPA allowed dose for radiation workers in a non-emergency situation (that'd be received in 41 days at 50 µSv/h). ~3.65 mSv/Year is the average radiation from natural (85%) and medical (15%) sources for normal people (that'd be received in 3 days at 50 µSv/h). Yes it's a vitally good idea to get tools for measurements out in the field, but it's just as vitally important that they are used by someone who actually knows what the numbers mean, instead of people who are going to panic if the needle moves above 0.
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Apr 26, 2011