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Wow, Jeff, I normally take your recommendations as gospel but this is the worst advice I've ever seen. If your lists stress you out, You're Doing It Wrong. Unless you don't have that much going on, you have more to do than your brain can effectively keep track of. Getting that stuff out of your head and into some sort of trusted system is the best thing you can do for your own mental health. To-do lists aren't for productivity, they're for peace of mind. They're so your brain feels reassured that it doesn't have to keep reminding you at awkward times (e.g. 2 AM) about some unmet commitment you've made. I think most task-tracking systems out there suffer from an excess of complexity. A text file works fine. Google Tasks, which is just one step up from that (it adds integration with Gmail and easy nesting of tasks) is what I use. And rather than try to assign due dates to tasks, I just group them under headings like this: - CRITICAL TODAY - TARGET TODAY - TARGET THIS WEEK - OTHER STUFF The key here is to keep the "critical today" list to what you ABSOLUTELY have to do today, i.e. stuff you'd stay at work late or stay up late to finish. The other key is a GTD-style weekly review, where you go over the entire list and make sure that everything on the list still belongs there.
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@Michael Hagen - While it's true that you could do something like .Blue {color:#0000FF} and then <h4 class="Blue">...</h4> .. it's a really bad idea for a number of reasons. And there's not any way to do math on the colors (e.g. @blue + #111), which is for me one of the biggest draws of server-side CSS generation.
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A colleague just pointed this out to me - very cool. I'd rolled my own solution along similar lines, but it's not as comprehensive - so now I'll need to figure out a way to transition my existing style sheets. FWIW there's a .NET port of .LESS here: People have been clamoring for CSS variables for years, but there are what seem to me to be good theoretical reasons not to do this; see I think that server-side or author-side solutions along the lines of .LESS are going to be the best solution to this problem for the foreseeable future.
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The latest generation of DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapters, which came out in November 2009, handles multiple monitors up to 1900x1200 with 32-bit color and no stutter whatsoever (that I can tell). They're plug-and-play and work with laptops and macs. I have these Kensington adapters driving two big monitors, with a third on DVI. I'm not a gamer, but I can't tell the difference performance-wise between the screen that's on DVI and the two that are on USB.
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